April 21

Your New TimberTech Deck – DIY or Hire a Contractor?


So you’ve decided to get a new deck for your home and you’ve chosen the TimberTech composite deck. Great choice! You will definitely appreciate the versatility, longevity, durability, and low maintenance characteristics of your new TimberTech deck. The next step is to decide whether you’re going to build it yourself or hire a contractor to install it.

There are pros and cons to either option. You’ll need to weigh them carefully before making a final decision.

Reasons to Hire a Contractor to Build Your Deck

We’ll start with some benefits of hiring a reputable and experienced contractor to install your new deck. 

  1. Ability

If you’re not really that skilled in building things, a DIY project of this size could have disastrous results. You might want to start with a smaller project to build your skills and abilities. Or you might simply concentrate on what you are good at and let the experienced professionals handle these construction projects for you. 

   2. Quality

In the majority of cases, you’ll get better results by hiring experienced professionals to do the job. This type of work is their profession and they earn their living doing it. They are trained in the craft and have the expertise to avoid issues. Of course, you should make sure the contractor you hire is licensed, bonded, and insured and has good reviews and references.

   3. Time and Effort

If you’re employed elsewhere, that job is your priority, so you can only devote nights and weekends to home projects. Plus, it will take you longer to finish the project because of your limited experience. Experienced professionals will devote their efforts to the project and finish the deck a lot faster. You can spend your leisure time tackling smaller home projects or doing other enjoyable activities.

   4. Safety

Constructing a deck is a very physical activity. It involves lifting heavy objects and using dangerous tools. If you’re not used to this type of labor, there could be consequences like injuries and accidents. Professionals do this type of work all the time, so their bodies are accustomed to physical stress. They are skilled in using the tools needed for the project. 

If you are injured in the course of your DIY project, there are many ramifications. Medical bills, time off of work, pain, and suffering – are all possible if you’re not skilled and capable at this type of work. Professional contractors follow safety guidelines to avoid accidents. Plus, if they do get injured or cause any damage, their insurance would cover it and you won’t be responsible. 

   5. Tools

Building any deck requires using certain tools that you may not own. These include cutting tools,  like a jig saw, miter saw, and/or table saw, and fastening tools such as a drill and your chosen fastener. If you don’t currently own these types of tools, you’ll need to purchase, rent, or borrow them. Professionals already have these tools and more.

When DIY Might Be an Option

You might be able to save some money by installing your new TimberTech deck without the help of professional contractors. TimberTech provides DIY-ers with detailed instructions and guidance on how to construct their own decks. With these helpful hints and the conditions below, you might consider building it yourself.

  1. Knowledge and Skills

A background in carpentry, construction, or similar trade would make the job a lot easier. You should at least be comfortable with using the tools and handling the materials that are needed to successfully build a deck. Another option is to solicit the help of another person who has these skills. 

   2. Time

You must consider the amount of time you’ll spend on this project. If you have time to “spare”, it could be worthwhile to spend it building the deck yourself. If you’re doing it during nights and weekends, it will take you much longer to get it finished. You should factor in interruptions you’ll have from your job, family, and other priorities. Speaking of which, you must be willing to sacrifice other activities that you may enjoy more to work on your deck project.

   3. Desire

Maybe you’re looking forward to getting your hands dirty with this physical activity. But even if you have the skills and abilities to tackle a large deck-building project, the effort and time may be more than you want to take on. If you dread the idea of spending a lot of time doing it, you probably won’t do the best job. Weigh the pros and cons before you decide that this is how you want to spend the next few months of your life.

   4. Cost

Saving money is probably the main reason you’d choose the DIY route and if the project progresses without a hitch, you will save money on contractor labor.. But it’s more than just the bottom line of how much contractors will charge you. You’ll need to factor in the following “hidden” costs:

  • Labor. Of course, you’re not paying yourself to do the job but your time isn’t worthless. You could be earning additional money doing something else that you’re experienced at instead. If you have other amateurs helping you build the deck, you’ll be compnsating them in some way. Even if the payment is a six-pack of beer or a meal, it’s not free.
  • Tools. If you don’t already have all the tools you need to do the job, you’ll need to purchase or rent them. Some of the tools aren’t cheap and if you never use them again, the purchase cost may be prohibitive.
  • Mistakes. Amateurs will make mistakes that require extra money to fix. If contractors make mistakes that are their fault, they are liable to fix them at no extra charge. 
  • Injuries. You never plan for accidents or injuries but they do happen, especially if you’re inexperienced. If you get hurt or cause damages to property, you are responsible for the bills. Even if you have health and home insurance, deductibles must be paid. Contractors have insurance and workman’s comp, so you aren’t liable for any incidents on the job.

A Contractor You Can Trust

If you decide that hiring a contractor is the best course of action for you, let Monarch Exteriors build your TimberTech deck for you. We’ll get it done quickly and expertly so you’ll be able to enjoy it in weeks, not months. We look forward to working with you.


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