August 16

Why We Use $500 A Box Screws


Why We Use $500 a box screws for James Hardie instead of the $60 a box nails that other contractors use!

When you go to any big box store there are so many nails and screws to choose from that it can be overwhelming.  Stainless steel, electrogalvanized, hot dipped galvanized, ring shank, smooth shank and the list goes on and on.  James Hardie, the manufacturer of the #1 brand of siding in North America, Hardieplank lap siding, is very specific in what type of fastener is used to install its products.  It provides great resources to help contractors determine the best fastener for the application.

Most contractors use 2 ¼” ring shank hot dipped galvanized nails.  These cost about $60 /box and provide the 1” of fastener into stud requirement that Hardie has for its siding and trim products.

There are a couple reasons that we don’t like using this type of fastener.  First is that it requires the installer drives the nail into a stud.  Every time.  No matter how good the contractor says his crew is or how thoroughly they mark the studs there is no way to tell if every nail goes into a stud.  It’s not possible.  It assumes that every stud is exactly 16” apart and house framing is done by human beings so this is not going to be the case.  The typical siding job will use about 4000 nails and if 10% of the studs are missed that is about 400 nails that are not holding the siding in place.  This can cause the siding to sag or worse, fall off the wall entirely.  I have seen this more times than I can count when I worked at James Hardie as the local representative.  In fact this was one of the most common warranty claims that I went on in my 9 year career.

Another issue that using this fastener can cause goes hand in hand with missing studs.  When a stud is missed that nail could potentially hit an electric line (causing a fire) or a water line causing flooding in the house.  Neither of which are desirable situations.  I have heard of this happening several times from other contractors in Kansas City.

HardieNail Studless Siding Fastener

Not to mention this fastener will not work if there is foam board insulation behind the existing sheathing you are installing the new siding on top of.  This insulation was VERY common on homes built in Kansas City during the 70s and 80s.  So using this length of fastener wont provide the 1” holding power Hardie requires and your back to having sagging, falling off siding again.

So as you can see there are a lot of things to consider when picking out the fastener for your specific house.

At Monarch Exteriors KC we want to ensure that our installations look beautiful for years to come, even if that costs us a little more upfront.  Thats why we use the Paslode HardieNail.

But wait?  If there is something called the HardieNail, wouldnt every contractor just use that?  The answer is no and its because its expensive.  Plain and simple.  Most contractors don’t like spending a penny more than they have to on your project, even if it results in a better finished product.  They want to get in and get out as fast as possible for as cheap as possible.  That is how they make money.

We care more about the finished product and how well it performs over the long term vs saving a few hundred dollars.  The Paslode HardieNail is about $500 per box so about 10 times the cost of a regular nail.  But the benefits are numerous and worth the added expense in my opinion.  First off, they arent really a nail.  They are a screw that gets fastened with a pneumatic gun like a nail.  They are designed to rotate as they go in to mechanically bond wit the wood fibers in OSB and provide better holding power.  The way that the Hardienail rotates into the sheathing eliminates the wood destruction that is common in ring shank nails and provides such a high level of hold that it does not require the nail to hit the stud!  That’s right! This is the only fastener that is designed to work without hitting a stud.  And additionally since they are only 1 ¼” long there is basically 0% chance that they will hit wiring or plumbing creating unexpected headaches during your project!  They are also stainless steel which means they will never rust regardless of time and exposure to water, ice snow.

We have started using these fasteners on any of our James Hardie siding installations and have been really impressed with the performance and the benefits they provide to our clients.  To get your no pressure same day siding quote please call us at (816) 925-1054 or message us below!


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