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The Cost of a Hardie Siding Project


Hi, this is Stephen with Monarch Exteriors. No doubt, one of the main questions we get asked when we’re meeting with customers is obviously how much is it going to cost?  There are a lot of different things that can factor into the price of your siding project. So I wanted to kind of do a quick video, outlining kind of what those main factors are just so you can kind of be prepared and be better informed when making a decision. 

So the number one factor is obviously the size of your home. The square footage like you’re used to kind of thinking about, is not necessarily as important as the wall square footage. So if you’ve got a walkout basement where the backyard has a lot of wall space, that’s obviously going to be more expensive than a ranch house, that only maybe has 10 feet of wall space around all four sides. 

So that that’s number one is just how much overall material, how much labor is going to be factored in.  

Another big factor is kind of what James Hardie products you choose. So there’s, there’s a few different, well, there’s pretty much unlimited ways that you can, that you can do it, but, high level, you can get a product that’s primed already from the factory and then have it painted by the installer. So that’s primed and painted. And then you can also get a product called color plus, which is James Hardie’s, pre-finishing technology. So they manufactured deciding it gets moved over into their pre-finishing line and gets painted at the factory. It’s multiple coats it’s baked on, and then there’s a protective, static cling sheet put on top of it. And it’s sent out in the installer, puts that up. So there’s no painting by the installer – it’s already done. 

So those are two different products. It’s typically a little bit less expensive to go with the color plus product because you’re not having to hire an additional installer. The siding installer is going to put up the product and be done with it. So that’s usually the most cost-effective way to go. 

So looking at that, you’ve also got a few different options. You can go with James Hardie’s statement collection, which are the most popular colors in each market. So in Kansas city, we’ve got our color palette that is the bulk of what we sell. But then if live in North Carolina or, Colorado, it’s going to be a different color palette based on the kind of regional preferences. So that’s the most cost-effective way to design your home is to stay within that core color palette. 

But James Hardie has a dream collection, which is 700 colors, which is kind of a staggering amount of colors. It’s about 20 to 30% more expensive than the statement collection, but you can get basically any color under the sun, on any Hardie product. So if you really want to do some different design, do a color, maybe that isn’t as common, you’re going to be in the dream collection. So that kind of covers the color plus versus primed that piece of it. 

The other factor that will make up a determination on the project price is going to be what style of siding you’re using. So in Kansas City, the bulk of the product that we use is, James Hardie eight-and-a-quarter-inch Cedar Mill lap siding. It’s pretty timeless. It’s a good design that’s never going to go out of style. You can get a lot of James Hardie colors in that. It’s kind of the gold standard for James Hardie. It’s our most popular product, 

But we also have clients that will up like change just maybe a gable or a front accent wall. And they’ll use James Hardie shingle, or they’ll use a board and batten look. So they’ll have panel siding with trim, at every seam or every 16 inches. Shingle and board and batten are the two most expensive options that you can do. 

So if you’re wanting to kind of keep the budget down, minimize the amount of shingle and the amount of board and batten that you’re using and stick with mostly lap siding. That being said, a small section of shingle, a small section of board and batten is not going to break the bank. 

Your typical siding project in our area is typically around $30,000. 

So a slight change in that is not going to make or break whether or not you choose to do the project. So I would, and you’re going to live with the look for a very, very long time. So I always encourage clients to design it the way they want it designed that you’re going to be happy with because you’ll end up regretting or man, I should have done this, just to save a little bit of money. It’s not worth it in the long run. 

So hopefully that helps and gives you a little bit of how much a James Hardie siding project will cost and some of the different factors that go into it. 


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