September 6

Stainless Steel Siding – Vesta Steel Siding By Quality Edge


Hi, it’s Steven with Monarch exteriors KC. We’re on our sighting project at Lee summit, and I wanted to showcase a new product we’re excited to use. It’s called Quality Edge Vesta steel. This is the first residential home in Kansas City to feature this product; we’re incorporating it.

The garage and then also on the front of the house where you’ll see James Hardie, we’ve got James Hardie, Arctic white, and James Hardie wood tone stain on this house as well. So it’s a modern, clean look made out of steel. So it’s never going to rust and never going to rot.

It will be a low-maintenance product that the homeowner says to have to rinse off. This one is the solid color iron. It’s called an iron stone, has a shiplap look, and is not finished at the top. I wanted to show you how it gets installed. It just gets installed with nails or screws, and they’re not driven all the way tight so that this can move as the home expands and contracts.

And then it overlaps on the side, so you don’t see a scene. It’s just lovely and clean. It still gives the homeowner a low-maintenance product they’re not going to worry about taking care of it down the road. So you’ve got solid colors like this one. And then there’s also wood-tone ones.

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