August 29

Lifes Too Short To Not Enjoy Your Deck! – Fiberon Goodlife Decking Customer Review


Steven: Hi, this is Steven with Monarch exteriors KC. We’re on our recent composite deck project in Raymore, Missouri. And we’re going to be interviewing the homeowner here shortly. Michelle. She’s kind enough to appear on camera and talk about her experience—some kind of why she chose the products she chose.

But first, I did want to point out something that many contractors don’t spend much time talking to their clients about. And that’s the frame of the deck. Everybody’s concerned about the deck boards and the railing, but the frame is arguably one of the most essential parts, and something unique with how we built X is the joy SPAC.

The lumber runs peculiar to the deck boards. We space those every 12 inches, which is the gold standard for joys facing. It keeps the deck boards firm. It feels firm when you’re walking on it; it keeps them straight. And then we also add blocking every four feet. So you’ll see this deck is got flocking in two different spots.

Again, that’s going to keep those firm for the longevity of the deck board, and you’ll get 30 to 50 years out of the frames of our decks. And now we’ll cut to the view with the homeowner, Michelle. And she’ll talk a little bit more about the process and why she chose the products.

Hey, Michelle, we appreciate you letting us come out, take some photos, and do a quick interview. I mainly just wanted to talk to you about the deck project. And how it was before we, we built it and then how you intend to use it now

Michelle: Okay. Let’s start with it before; obviously, it was in deplorable shape and nonfunctional, and it was a complete safety hazard.

Fall it apart, we even had PD enough rails because they were no longer attached to all the wood rot. You walked on the deck; it was just so soft and fun. You were scared to fall through. So definitely no summer parties or no summer parties. We barely used it even to grill out.

Like it was just one of those things. If you were to walk on it, it was like walking on eight shells; you were using all caution because you were afraid to fall through. And it was an awkward shape. So it wasn’t very functional either. It was like a triangle and uncomfortable. Corally put like a no-flow or wear table up, a round table, or just any flow to it.

Steven: Okay. And then, so we went with Fiberon, good life series deck boards. What steered you guys towards composite decking?

Michelle: So low maintenance. The longevity of it does not happen to come out and stain or paint every couple of years, just knowing that it’s a solid product.

After many reviews of various composite options, pressure-treated wood composite stood out to us due to its longevity and low maintenance.

Steven: Awesome. And one thing I did want to ask you as I know how awesome our company is, but could you tell people a little bit about your experience with Monarch?

Michelle: You guys were phenomenal between you and Christina. You guys were like constantly checking in on us. You’d stop by the job multiple times a day. Definitely two times a day, for sure. Sometimes three and four or five, whatever it took, you guys would pop in randomly to check the crew.

The crew was phenomenal. They would communicate with us, and if anything were going on, they would make sure to get our opinion throughout as well as you guys were all constantly making sure that we were satisfied with the progress. And I was communicating before and after photos during the process. Like bird’s eye view from above, taking pictures and sharing with you and then make overall sure we were satisfied throughout from before, during, in completion.

Steven: Thanks again for checking out our video, standing out under the double picture framed deck, which we think looks like a million bucks. Give us a call or check out. Our website phone number is (816) 925-1054. Our website is There’s some great info about composite decks and James Hardie siding.

Give us a call or check out our website for more information on composite decking! (816) 925-1054


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