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James Hardie Siding vs Vinyl Siding


Hi, this is Steven with Monarch Exteriors. I want to put together a few quick videos on some of the main questions that Christina and I get asked when we’re meeting with customers about James Hardie siding. 

One of the questions that we always get asked, and I always get asked, always got asked when I worked for James Hardy was: Is James Hardie more expensive than other types of siding? And the short answer is, is yes but we’ll kind of talk about the main differences and kind of why it’s a little bit more expensive than, than other types of siding. 

So the two, the two main types that I compete against, in the Midwest are vinyl siding and then wood-based siding like an LP SmartSide. So, specifically with vinyl siding, there are all different types of vinyl siding, that you can get. 

And they range from very inexpensive to just as basically the same cost as James Hardie. And there’s, there’s a wide variety. One of the big knocks on vinyl siding is durability. So we do have hailstorms in, the Kansas City area. And a lot of times you’ll see vinyl siding take quite a beating. From a thickness and durability standpoint, this is kind of your typical vinyl siding. So it’s obviously not very durable. 

Most of the vinyl siding that gets installed here is not, does not have any sort of backing. So you’re going to have a void, between the siding in the house. So kids plan, baseballs hitting it, things like that. It’s gonna typically break and then trying to replace a piece can be difficult because they may not make the color anymore, or the manufacturer may have changed. 

So there’s, there’s a lot of things like that, that, that can impact your ability to do repairs, James Hardie, on the other hand, I’ll kind of put these next to each other so you can see, so James Hardie is significantly more, thicker. I mean you can almost, you can’t even hardly see the vinyl siding when up next to it. It’s a lot more durable. It’s flame-resistant, and it’s impact resistant. It’s cement-based, so it’s not gonna rot or decay like wood. And it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

This wood grain pattern is kind of the most popular that we would sell. And then there’s, they will pre-paint the product or you can get it primed, and then we paint it as well. Due to the durability of Hardie, there are home insurance companies that will actually provide a discount on your premium for, installing James Hardie fiber cement siding on your house because it’s such a low-risk product. 

One of the other things that’s a big benefit for Hardie versus vinyl is the maintenance.  With vinyl siding, especially on the north side of your home, it’s gonna attract mildew and it’s going to look really, mildewy and moldy within just a few, a few years. And then you’re going to have to power wash the house every, every year to keep that mold and mildew off of it. 

James Hardie actually puts things into their finish to help prevent mildew and mold growth. So it’s a lot lower maintenance. Typically you can just hose it off with a regular garden hose, and keep it looking as close to new as possible. 

And then obviously from just an overall durability standpoint and maintenance standpoint with James Hardie, you can paint so 10, 15 years down the road, you decide you don’t like the paint color anymore, you can paint it with really any exterior acrylic-based paint. 

Vinyl is a lot more temperamental. Some painters won’t even paint vinyl siding because it expands and contracts so much that it just, it’s not going to look good. 

So those are just some of the reasons, I want to try and keep these videos as short as possible. but there’ll be more, but those are kind of the main benefits to Hardie versus vinyl.


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