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How Long a James Hardie Siding Project Takes


Hi, this is Stephen with Monarch Exteriors. One of the questions we get asked when we're meeting with a client, and they're trying to decide if they want to use us or not, is how long is the project going to take? The answer can depend greatly on the scope of work, what we're doing, and how big the home is. So there are a lot of different factors, and we try to be mindful about getting your home back to you as quickly as possible. Because nobody likes their routine disrupted, myself included. But at the same time, we are not the fastest contractor in Kansas City. We put a premium on quality and communication. That's why we typically won't have more than one or two projects going at any given time a lot of times. 

Because we prioritize making sure that you feel communicated with, we're not just going to come in, zoom in and zoom out and leave you wondering what the heck happened. So that being said, our typical siding project is about two to four weeks. Four weeks is on the high end if we're doing a huge house with a lot of shingles or a board and batten style, but most of our projects will be closer to that two-week range with our process. Every contractor's a little bit different. We're going to have a dumpster on site. We are going to have a port-a-potty delivered. So, that's not super common. A lot of our competitors don't do that. The guys have to go to the bathroom - they're human beings, so they have to go to the bathroom. If they're not going to the bathroom in a port-a-potty, you probably don't want to envision where they're going to go, but they're going somewhere.

So we get our guys port-a-potties, and we'll have a dumpster on site. The material gets delivered. We will then come out and do a pre-construction walk. That'll be me, Christina, you, the homeowner, and the main guy on our subcontractor crew. So we'll walk the house and make sure that we've not missed any details on the scope of work and that everything we've committed to is documented and done. The crew will start doing the tear-off if there's old siding that needs to come off or the batten strips. Everything that needs to come off the home - soffit, fascia, and gutters will be thrown in the dumpster. 

And then, we will inspect the existing sheathing, which is the solid part underneath and between the siding and the two-by-four studs. We'll inspect that to make sure that it's solid and can be nailed on, make sure that everything is a flat surface and there's no rot. If any areas need to be replaced, we'll replace them at that time. We'll then put on James Hardie house wrap, which is a vapor and moisture barrier. We'll tape all the seams. Between tear off and house wrap is usually about two to three days. So at no point will your home be exposed to the weather. At the end of the night, they'll put the house wrap down on any areas that are exposed. So there won't ever be an opportunity for rain to get into the home. 

After they've done the house wrap, they'll start putting up siding. Kind of working their way from the bottom to the top. Lap siding, the horizontal lap, goes up as the quickest, and board and batten takes the most time. So any sections that have board and batten will move a little bit slower than the lap siding will. Most of our projects will be ColorPlus, so it's already going to be painted. So you're not going to have a painter or need to wait for the weather. Any touch-ups, scratches, and things like that will get touched up at the very end. The caulking will get done at the very end. Gutters will get done at the very end. We'll have a gutter crew come out and install your new gutters, and any gutter protection will get installed at that point as well. 

Our crews will keep the project clean. Nails and other debris will be picked up each day. You’ll be able to have children and pets in the yard and not be worried about somebody stepping on something. We try to keep the job site as clean as possible because it's your home. And we have pets, and letting the dogs outside is part of our daily routine. So, it's about a two to a four-week job from start to finish. Before we accept the final payment, we will do a final walk-through and make sure that you're completely happy with everything and that the scope of work is what you paid for. And then we'll ask you for a review on Google or Facebook and leave a large yard sign for a week or so. We'll come back and get the sign and be done. So again, it's about a two to four-week project. Most people will only do siding once in their lifetime. So it's not something that you're super, super familiar with, but that kind of gives you an idea of the timeframe. Thanks. 


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