June 15

How Hot Do Composite Decks Get?


It’s summertime, which means, I wanted to shoot a quick informative video on composite decking. So what we’ve got here, we’ve got samples of the three brands of decking that we offer TimberTech, Fiberon, and then Moisture shield. And one of the concerns of our client’s closet deck is that they’ve heard that maybe they get too hot.

So we’ve got our infrared thermometer and we’re going to compare it to this. And see how the temperatures stack up. So for reference, we’re in Kent, we’re in Raymore, Missouri, which is a suburb of Kansas city. It’s the middle of June. It’s about 1:30 in the afternoon and it’s about 95 degrees out.

And there are very few clouds. These boards have been out since about nine o’clock this morning and then obviously the deck. So we’ll see how it compares temperature wise to this.

The wood deck was coming in just under one fifty. So for reference where a 149 there’s 150. So that’s our reference point. We’ll jump over to the timber tech ones. We’ll start with them first. So we’ve got their top-of-the-line TimberTech Azek collection, and then their timber tech pro collection.

And we’ve got varying colors. Because the color of the deck makes a huge difference to how hot it is a bit lighter colors are going to be. Then darker colors. So we’ll start with the light one. And that’s coming in about the same as wood, 148, this darker one jumped quite a bit. It’s almost 160, 160 for the darker, and this one’s a little bit warmer than wood.

153, 154. 155 for this darker one. So a little bit warmer than wood, but not dramatic, obviously at this temperature, anything’s going to be hot, but these are comparing a little bit closer to what I would’ve expected. So the next is Fiberon and we’ve got the top-of-the-line on down to their entry-level a good life series.

So this one’s coming in 166 darkest stuff. The colors, 160 light color, 151. So about the same as wood. This one is 158. So again, a little bit warmer than wood. Now, these last ones are a moisture shields and these are interesting. This is the only manufacturer that has what they call cool deck technology on their boards. So two of these boards have cool deck technology and two of them do not. So in theory, they should be cooler than the others.

And we’ll see which ones we think are the ones with cool with that. So this one’s about 160. This one’s about 160, 161. And then this 140, whoa, that’s a big drop. And then this one is 135, 133. So if I was a betting man, which I am I would bet that these two are the ones with who would that be?

And we’ll flip them over and check, even though I was the one that placed, these, and I already know the answer these have pool deck technology on them, and there were about 20 degrees cooler than pretty much any of the other boards that we’ve, that we tested. So it actually seems like it actually works.

So there you have it all have a little chart on the video that kind of recaps all these, but for the most part, all the composites were fairly close. And again, on a hot summer day, you’re, everything’s going to get hot, but these don’t seem to be getting any hotter than wood does and there’s a couple of options.

We’re cooler than woods. Give us a shout. We’d love to quote your composite deck and thanks for watching our video. Contact Monarch Exteriors today!


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