July 21

HardieNail Review


Hi, this is Stephen with Monarch exteriors, KC. We’re out on our James Hardy Siding project in Missouri. And I wanted to talk to you about the fasteners that we’re gonna use. So this house has Wood panel siding at certain sections, we completely replaced that they were so rotten and underneath that there was half inch foam board, which is really common in Kansas city for homes built in the seventies and eighties.

So a lot of times you don’t really know what’s underneath the siding until you start removing things. Most contractors are going to use a standard size two and a quarter inch siding nail, which would be a problem for the James Hardy that we’re gonna be installing because their requirement is that you get one inch, a fastener into.

A stud. So not only is it harder to find the studs when you’ve got the foam, but that added thickness is gonna make it difficult with a two and a quarter to even get the required one inch into framing. So you’d have to use a a longer fastener, which most contractors aren’t gonna, aren’t gonna know to do or take the time to do.

So the fastener that we use actually I’ll hold both of these up Fasten that we use is made by pass load. And it’s actually, it’s called the Hardy nail. So it’s a screw nail combo. That’s made a stainless steel, which is Al already better than the galvanized metal that most siding nails are made out of.

And you can see size comparison. How much of a difference it. These screw nails are meant to only go into OSV. So the sheathing that we’re using for the wall is all that this is designed for. So added benefit is that you’ve got less nail going through the wall, that if you don’t hit the stud.

Because most of the time, you’re shooting 3000 nails into a house. There’s gonna be misfires that don’t get a stud it’s a lot less nail that’s sticking through that could potentially hit an electrical line, hit a water line. And cause major issues that are unexpected. So we really like this faster one screws inherently give a lot better hold than a nail does.

And the fact that they’re designed to just go into OSB and you don’t have to worry about hitting studs. Is our guys can go faster. They don’t have to spend as much time marking the studs. They can just shoot these on and continue on with the day. So that’s the faster we like to use. And on this house, it makes perfect sense for us.

Give us a call or check out our website for more www.monarchexteriorskc.com.

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