May 9

Full Service Home Exterior Design Support


Full Service Design Support - Another Reason to Choose Monarch Exteriors KC


Hi, this is Steven and Christina with Monarch Exteriors. One of the things that we like to offer our clients is more of a design and customization approach when we're meeting and helping you kind of pick out and plan your exterior project. 

I'm going to have Christina walk through some of the stuff she does with our design program, Renoworks, and let her do what she does best, which is to speak on camera. 


Hi there. So when we have a client that wants to change up their siding, and they're not sure how it's going to look, what we do is take a picture of the front of their house. And we can go into our Renoworks software where I mask out every surface from the trim to their window, trim to end gable features soffits and even pillars around the garage. And what that allows us to do is design. We can go in here and I can change out the face of the house to be siding. We can change it to shingle or lap. Let's see here… here's James Hardie.

So we have got board and batten products here. We've got lap siding and smooth and different exposures. We've got a textured here. We've got shingle and stacker straight edge. So right now I've got shingle on there. We can change it to all these different colors so you can play around and let's try a deep ocean. So you can see how that changed that up there. And I can make any of these walls in any of these colors, any different color or style and paint on. We're just going to pick, Sherwin Williams paints here, and we'll just do a light gray and see how that looks.

It's light gray here instead of white, but you can change your colors. You can change the product. And that allows us to see what your household looks like before you commit to anything. We can even take the stone off if you wanted and add lap here, but it allows us to play around with the colors and the different products we have to really see what your desired look is going to look like before you commit to it. 


So one of the reasons, is that we feel like our customers choose us. As we do provide a high level of customer service and design support with Christine's eye for design and patients to map out all those things and then do all that for our customers. Thanks. Give us a call. We'd love to give you a quote. 


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