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Composite Decking Overview

The technology for composite decks has changed dramatically over the last 20 years and some of the boards that are coming out now are so well designed you can hardly tell they aren't wood.  Composite decking is typically made up of two parts.  The cap and the core.  Most manufacturers use recycled wood and plastic as the core material.  They then use PVC, a tough chemically resistant synthetic resin, as the cap material to protect this inner core.  

The main factors that affect the price of the deck board is the amount of cap material, since this is the most expensive part.  The amount of recycled content in the core and whether there are scallops on the bottom of the board.  The scallops reduce the overall amount of material needed for the deck board, thus reducing the cost.  This can sacrifice some of the boards dimensional stability if not properly installed.

TimberTech Composite Decks

TimberTech is our first choice when it comes to composite decking.  They have the most realistic looking deckboards and are routinely ranked as one of the top deck board manufacturers in terms of quality and design.  Their products are  top of the line deck boards but they do have several different price points to help our customers find something in their budget. TimberTech decking is extremely durable, resistant to fading and staining  and requires barely any maintenance.  There are three tiers of products that we offer in TimberTech.

TimberTech Composite Decks Board Colors
TimberTech Composite Decks Board Grains

TimberTech Azek -Capped Polymer Decking

This is the best of the best deck board.  The core of this board has no wood material, is capped on all 4 sides and comes with a lifetime warranty on the board itself and a 50 year warranty against fading and staining.  Boards in this product line will stay cooler on hot days and offer better slip resistance than other deck boards.  Collections within this product line are:

Vintage $$$$$- the wood grain pattern is a wire brush finished look and the colors are highly blended to mimic exotic hardwoods.  There are multiple widths available to help incorporate different design elements into your deck.

Landmark $$$$$- Cathedral wood grain with a cross cut finish.  Each deck board is unique due to the highlights and lowlights of color that vary from end to end.

Harvest $$$$- Cathedral wood grain pattern in solid colors.  Wider widths and thicknesses are available in this collection.

TimberTech Pro

This product line is protected on all 4 sides by the synthetic PVC cap and the core is made up of recycled materials.  The product is backed with a 30 year product warranty and a 30 year fade and stain warranty.  Collections within this product line are:

Legacy- $$$$ these deck boards have a really sharp looking hand scraped finish.  Each deck board's color is highly blended and is truly one of a kind with no two deck boards looking exactly the same.

Reserve- $$$$ Woodgrain pattern is cathedral style with highly blended coloring.  It has a low gloss finish meant to mimic reclaimed wood. 

Terrain- $$$ Cathedral wood grain pattern with a blended and solid color deck boards. It has a more rugged woodgrain finish to help hide wear and tear.  These boards are scalloped on the bottom to help reduce the cost.

TimberTech Edge

The Edge product line is TimberTech's entry level deck board.  That being said this is still one of the top boards on the market and outperforms other manufacturers best boards!  The Edge products are capped with PVC on the top and two sides but not on the bottom.  If you are tired of staining your wood deck and looking for your first composite board then this product line may be for you.  The collection in this product line is:

Prime+ - $$ This collection is capped on three sides (top and two sides) and the bottoms of the boards are scalloped to help minimize the cost. The product is backed by a 25 year warranty on the materials and 25 years protected against fading and staining.  The boards have a straight cathedral wood grain pattern and the coloring is moderately blended.

Fiberon Composite Decks

Fiberon is another great manufacturer of decking products that we offer our clients.  They pride themselves on being sustainable and incorporating a lot of recycled wood and plastic in their deck boards.  The products have long warranties and tend to be less expensive than TimberTech.  The lower cost is partly due to their use of more recycled content and wood fillers in the PVC capping. Collections available with Fiberon are:

Promenade - $$$$ top of the line board that is capped on all four sides.  The core of these boards are synthetic PVC and are designed to resist cracking, splintering and mold.  They are backed with a lifetime warranty on the performance and 50 years against stains and fading.  These are very lightweight boards that float and include a slip resistant texture which makes them perfect around wet areas like pools and docks.

Fiberon Promenade

Paramount- $$$$ These boards are similar to the Promenade collection in that they are made from all synthetic materials.  There are different tiers of products within the Paramount collection.  Hearth Collection, which features two multi-tonal colors, Brownstone and Sandstone.  Mantel Collection has two solid colors to choose from, Clay and Mineral.  Additionally, these products are tested for use in and around water and wont warp or swell even when submerged.  They carry the same warranty as the Promenade boards which is 50 years against fade and staining and Lifetime on the product itself.

Fiberon Paramount

Concordia- $$$ The boards in this collection contain 94% recycled content and are flat on the bottom which provides a sturdy feel comparable to traditional cedar or pressure treated wood.  The wood grain pattern is very subtle and doesn't ever repeat.  Its warrantied for 50 years against stain and fade and lifetime on the performance.  The bottom of these boards are finished which makes them ideal if you have a second story deck.  These boards can also be used as siding.

Fiberon Concordia Symetry

Sanctuary - $$$ this collection features 5 different colors of decking that each have multiple tones of colors and a rustic texture.  They utilize Fiberon's PermTech cap layer on three sides (top and two sides) and have a flat bottom profile.  Contain 95% recycled content and have a fire rated version available.  Sanctuary deck boards are warrantied for 40 years against fading, staining and the performance of the board itself.

Fiberon Sanctuary

Goodlife- These are a great entry level deck board that is broken up into two collections, Escapes Collection and Weekender Collection.  They contain 96% recycled content and have scalloped profiles on the bottom of the board.  They are low maintenance and easy to clean and have a realistic looking wood grain pattern.

Fiberon Goodlifes Escapes

Escapes Collection $$ - Multi tonal boards that resemble exotic woods

Fiberon Goodlife Weekender

Weekender Collection $-  Solid color deck boards that are the most affordable composite option we offer!

Moisture Shield Composite Decks

Moisture Shield is our third option for composite decks.  Moisture Shield has been making composite deckboards for about 30 years and claims that they have had zero structural failures during this time.  One of their big selling features is what they call the Solid Core Difference.  This is where each individual wood fiber in the decking is encapsulated in plastic. 

Moisture Shield Solid Core

This creates an impermeable barrier that fights damage from moisture, rot, insects, and other harmful elements.  This allows the product to be the only deck board that is warrantied to be installed directly on the ground, buried in the ground or completely underwater.

Moisture Shield is also the only deck manufacturer that has CoolDeck Technology in their products.  This is a proprietary coating that helps reduce the surface temperature of the decking by up to 35%.  This can make a big difference on a summer day when deck temperatures can reach 165 degrees!

Vision Collection $$$$

The boards in this product line are made from 95% recycled content.  They are backed by a 50 Year structural warranty and 50 year fade and stain warranty that is transferable.  They have three colors available with CoolDeck Technology and three standard color boards.  All of the products in this line come with DiamonDefense Coaring which is resistant to scratches, stains and damage on impact.  Vision boards are also resistant to slipping making them a great option around pools or docks.

Meridian Collection $$$

Meridian boards are also made with 95% recycled content and have a 50 year structural warranty and 40 year fade and stain warranty that is transferable.  The surface of these boards is the most realistic to wood and has a TrueTexture Surface.  Two of three colors in this collection have CoolDeck Technology.  

Vantage Collection $$

The deck boards in this collection are interesting.  They are the only uncapped board that we offer but are still made of composite materials using Moisture Shields Solid Core.  These boards cut and handle like wood and the surface is self healing which minimizes the appearance of scratches and scuffs.  The decking in this collection actually weathers like real wood too so that the color fades slightly over the first 6 months.  So when picking out a board in this collection it is important to consider what the final color will be.  Not the brand new color.  These boards are also reversible which makes them great for two story decks so that when you look up you are seeing a finished board.

Elevate Collection $$

This collection is Moisture Shield's entry level deck board and has scallops on the bottom.  Like all of their other deck boards they are made from 95% recycled material.  They are backed by a 50 year structural warranty and a 30 year fade and stain warranty.  The surface is slip resistant and the colors have variegation which gives it some added depth and texture.  There are 4 colors in this collection. 

Railing and Accessories

When it comes to railing for your deck there are several options but not nearly as many as with the deck boards themselves.  You are typically going to choose from either black or white and also decide whether it will be made of steel or aluminum.  Steel is less expensive but needs to be installed properly to ensure that it doesn't rust.  Aluminum is more pricey but will never rust.  

Another factor to consider when picking your railing is what you want for the balusters.  Do you like the modern look of steel cable railing?  Do you just want traditional metal balusters for the low maintenance.  Or do you have a great view and want to use glass paneling so you don't miss a thing.  These options are all available in a number of different manufacturers, including Fortress, TimberTech, Westbury and Fiberon.

Aluminum Fortress
Steel Fortress Railing
Vertical Cable
Horizontal Cable

A big factor in the railing and accessories is how the deck will be used.  If you plan on entertaining friends and family then you may want to incorporate a wider rail at the top that can support your favorite beverage. 


You also may want to look into some lighting options on the posts or steps. Gates are also a relatively inexpensive option to include if you have small children or pets that will be on the deck.  


At Monarch Exteriors KC we spend time in our initial meeting understanding how you would like to use your deck and making sure you are aware of all of the options available to you!

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You’ll be amazed at the outstanding look and performance you get when add a deck to your home with the best composite decking available. You’ll wonder why you ever considered other options.


Check what our clients say about us

Christina and Stephen did a great job listening to what we were wanting out of our deck and the budget we were trying to stay within.  We had a wood deck that we were tired of staining every couple of years and weren’t very familiar with the composite deck options available.  We really liked the Timbertech decking that Stephen/Christina showed us.  It was close to the same price as a cedar deck and we love the fact that we won't ever have to stain it!

Will M.

I replaced my old mildewy vinyl siding with James Hardie and used Monarch Exteriors.  I had 3 contractors come out to provide bids and I felt more comfortable working with Christina since she seemed to listen to what I was wanting to have done.  She suggested a couple of different designs that I hadn’t even thought about. The project went smoothly and I felt like they actually listened to my concerns throughout.  Will definitely use it for my deck in a couple of years.


Monarch Exteriors replaced my rotten siding with new James Hardie fiber cement siding.  I am a painter and have always known how well it holds paint and what a great product it is and have always wanted to have it on my house.  I’m happy to have a brand new looking house with siding that the squirrels, woodpeckers and other birds won’t be trying to make their home in.  Also, I love that the siding has such a great warranty as I know my investment is protected for years to come.  The siding crew was very nice and kept my property tidy.  Thanks again Stephen!


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