July 21

Cedar Posts vs Treated Posts


Hi, this is Stephen with Monarch Exteriors, KC. We’re out on our Overland park deck project. And I wanted to talk about the post options that we’ve got a big question we get from our clients is what’s the difference between a Cedar post and a treated post. So on this deck, we’re using Cedar posts, so that’s, what’s behind me.
It’s Western. Rough finish Cedar. And as you can tell it’s got a really nice finish. There are very few knots. It’s really straightforward if you look at this compared to the stringers, these are treated and you’ll notice there are different knots and things like that. This is something that you’re not gonna see.
So it’s not as critical that it stays looking really high-quality finish but, if you’re wanting to save money on your deck project, going with a treated post option would save you a substantial amount of money. You’ll just need to know that you’re gonna need to paint it and finish it more frequently to keep it looking good.
But we wanted to showcase that and show you some of the different options that you’ve got. Give us a shout out or check out our website.


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