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6 Tips on Choosing Siding and Trim Colors


Getting the siding on your home replaced is a large home improvement project, one that should last for decades. Unless you choose to paint over the original color down the road, you’ll be looking at the same color for many years. It’s wise to take some time pondering over the colors so that you won’t regret your decision.

Fortunately, with James Hardie fiber cement siding and trim, you have a lot of color options for factory-painted products. In the Kansas City area, there are 20 siding colors and 11 trim colors to choose from. The wide selection of colors is more than you’d get with siding and trim made from other materials. 

Factors to Consider on Siding Colors

Before choosing a color combination for your James Harding siding and trim, you should consider a number of factors.

  1. Personal Preferences

You’re the one that will have to live with your decision, so choose colors that appeal to you. If you prefer a warm and cozy exterior, colors in the brown or beige group would work. If you prefer a brighter facade, paler colors, like white or light gray are good choices.

  1. Neighborhood

The homes in your neighborhood may have color schemes that you want to conform with. If most of them have brighter hues, you should probably choose among those shades. Or you may want your house to stand out by choosing colors that are different than the neighbors’. Be careful going against the grain too strongly, however. Painting your home in very dark shades when others are all light and colorful can irritate your neighbors.

  1. Homeowners Associations

If your subdivision is under the control of an HOA, they may have restrictions over colors that are allowed. Make sure that you check the bylaws before deciding on a color. 

  1. Architecture

Certain architectural styles usually follow specific color schemes. For example, if you’re in a historic neighborhood, you’ll probably need to follow some guidelines to preserve the aesthetics of the area. Or if you own a Tudor-styled home, lighter colors with contrasting trim shades work well.

  1. Other Exterior Features

There are other elements of your house that you’ll need to consider when choosing colors. The siding and trim should complement the colors of your roof shingles, shutters, and other exterior features. For example, you could choose a color that harmonizes with flecks of color in your brick or stone accents. 

  1. Use Exterior Design Tools

James Hardie offers a Home Color Tool that you can use to visualize your siding and trim colors before you start the project. You can enter criteria and see how your color choices will look on a home. 

Siding Styles Matter Too

Besides choosing a color you will love for decades, the style of siding and trim also must be considered. James Hardie has four different options for siding styles. 

  • Hardie® Plank lap siding is their most popular choice because of its traditional and timeless appeal.
  • The Hardie™ Architectural Collection blends contemporary textures and architectural lines to create a unique look.
  • Choose Hardie® Shingle (or Shake) siding to replicate the look of Cape Cod-style homes.
  • Hardie® Panel vertical siding can be used alone or in combination with Hardie® Plank lap siding to achieve a one-of-a-kind visual.

Don’t ignore the details to finish off the look of your newly-sided home. Hardie offers coordinating trim to accentuate corners, columns, fascia, doors, windows and more. It comes in several styles and finishes to choose from.

Complete exterior renovation with matching soffit panels. Hardie offers them in both smooth and vented profiles to meet aesthetic needs as well as code requirements.

Get the Siding that Lasts a Lifetime

James Hardie Fiber Cement siding and trim are by far the best choice for your home. With so many colors and styles to choose from, you can make your home as unique as you want it to be. 

You can be confident that you’re choosing siding that will last for decades; in fact, it will probably be the last siding you install on your home. You’ll get superior performance, eye-popping beauty, and an outstanding warranty when you choose James Hardie. Plus, you won’t spend a lot of time keeping it looking good with the minimal maintenance involved.

James Hardie products are the only siding products that Monarch Exteriors installs. That’s because we recognize its premium level of quality, aesthetics, and durability. It’s easy to satisfy customers when you’re using a product with credentials as exceptional as James Hardie. 

When you hire us to install your siding and trim, you’ll not only get the best products; you’ll get the best service and results. We’d love to be your choice when it comes to making your home the best in your neighborhood.


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